eCPPT Course/Exam Review

Exam Preparation

Everything you need to pass the exam is within the course, but its definitely okay to use others resources to compliment the PTP material. Before I took this exam I took the eJPT to get my foot in the door. Also while going through the PTP course I did The Cyber Mentors PEH, TCM Windows and Linux privilege courses on Udemy as well. I can confidently say TCM teaches the concepts very well and if you need that walkthrough style of teaching I recommend his courses. Also I used TryHackMe and HackTheBox for additional resources.


How I studied

After I passed the eJPT before Christmas 2020 I immediately began going through the PTP course. Now I personally couldn’t go through the system security module. I had 0 experience with BufferOverflow. TCM has a free BOF walkthrough on Youtube That helped me grasp the concept lol. Once I finished this series that gave me an introduction to BOF I did the Gatekeeper room on THM and some of the OSCP BOF prep rooms on THM as well. Once you feel comfortable with the concept you can move on to network security which is the biggest module in the course.

From here you can read the PDFs, watch the vids and do the labs for the rest of the PTP course. If you’re having a hard time going through the course just google the concepts and find another way to learn them. Videos and Labs work the best for me personally. Walkthrough vids are my bread and butter. I discovered IPPSec late but he has great content as well.


The PTP course covers pivoting well. You need to be comfortable with proxychains/portfwd. Other than the PTP course here is additional resources

Read Exam/Course Reviews

I’ve read alot of exam reviews and this one was really helpful

eJPT | Sec+ | Cyber Security Enthusiast. I plan on obtaining the ecpptv2 and OSCP in 2021. Just documenting my experience of becoming a pentester along the way.